Home Heating System

What is Heat?

In the simple word we can say energy is heat and it’s a condition of being hot. Relocate of kinetic energy from one thing to one more is called heat.

What are the ways that energy (Heat) transfers one side to another? Energy is transferred from one side to another or one thing to another by singular warmth. Basically, there are three ways for heat moves to other sides,

  • Radiation: The energy (heat) direct move to one side to another side or electromagnetic influence move during the space is called Radiation.  For example, Sun heat directly moves one side to the earth by electromagnetic waves, light bulb heat, etc.
  • Conduction: Movement of heat by the specific thing is called Conduction. For example, Ice cools down your hand, hot or cool iron, copper, wood, paper, etc.
  • Convection:  Heat (Energy) speculation by the air and any type of liquid. The movement of heat by any liquid and gases is called Convection. For example, air balloon, cool and hot air, etc.

What are Heater, Furnace and Boiler?

Heater and furnace are devices or objects that emit the heat by the radiation, conduction and convection ways and whereas boiler is a close visual device where water converted into steam.

  • Boiler used for converting the water into steam or heat water.  Basically, boiler used in the industry some boiler types are followings, Fire Tube boiler, water Tube boiler, Packaged Boiler, Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler, Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler, Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler, Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler, Stoker Fired Boiler, Pulverized Fuel Boiler, Waste Heat Boiler and Thermal Fluid Heater.
  • Furnaces are used for heating the air at room. And furnace converts the non thermal energy into heat. Furnace Types are followings, Walking Beam furnace, Walking fireplace furnace, Roller hearth Tunnel Furnaces, Rotary hearth Furnaces, Pusher Furnaces.  For providing the heat, furnaces use some fuel such as gas, fuel oil and also use solid fuel like wood.
  • A heater is a device that provides the direct heat. There are various types of heater, some of the types are here:
  1. Electric heater is a device that converts the electronic energy into heat.
  2. Gas heater converts the natural gas into heat.
  3.  A water heater is a unit that converts the cool water into the hot in a tank.

Home Heating System    

Home heating system is an organism that provides the actual temperature of the air or water in your home. This system works in these two ways; Manual System and Automatic System.  If you want to change the temperature, you have the option to change the temperature volume according to your need in the automatic system; however the manual system has not the option for changing in temperature.

Basically, there are following types of a heating system; Traditional furnace, Electric heat pump, Radiant baseboard heat, Hydronic Heating, Space heater, Gas Furnace heat, Oil furnace heat.

Choosing the best Home Heating Systems depended on your usage, requirements and specially depends on your affordability of utility bill.